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Are you Ready to Ski Whistler? Top 4 Ski Fitness Tips

Whistler Ski Fitness Lindsey Vonn Style

Whistler & Blackcomb Are BIG.

Prepare to ski Whistler’s vertical mile with these top 4 fitness tips.

1. Work the Core

So what’s one of the best things you can do to get fit for the slopes? ski-fitness-whistlerConcentrate on the core, of course.

Vancouver registered physiotherapist Carl Petersen, author of Fit 2 Ski (www.fit2ski.com) adds

“By doing functional exercises, you help connect your upper and lower core muscles,”  

“Exercises that use multiple joints and groups of muscles in different planes of motion will improve stability of your hips, legs, trunk and shoulder girdle, giving you the dynamic strength and stability to perform.”

Check out two ski exercises Carl shares and  read more here.

2. Protect your Knees

Ski Fitness Alignment Balanced Core PowerABCs of knee protection:

Alignment of the knees. Improper tracking can contribute to ACL injuries.


Balanced strength. Skiers’ quadriceps tend to be more developed than their hamstrings, and muscle imbalance can increase the risk of getting hurt.


Core power. Developing deceleration strength, which involves learning to land softly and with proper knee alignment, is also important.


See the full Vancouver Sun article here.

Here are some early season DOs and DON’Ts from the veterans at the Whistler Real Estate Group.

fitness whistler3. For all you Snowboarders
It’s not too late.

For all you snowboarders out there looking to get fit to ride, take some preseason training tips from pro snowboarder Kimmy Fasani. Get going on Fasani’s moves so that you’re good and ready when it’s your turn to go play in the snow.




4. What to do with sore muscles after a few days of skiing or ridingscandinave-spa-whistler

Check out the Scandinave Spa and soak those muscles so you’re good to go in the morning

And to stretch em out and oxygenate em check out a whistler yoga class at one of the local yoga studios:

  1. Yama Yoga – website, class schedule
  2. Loka Yoga – website, class schedule
  3. Yogacara – website, class schedule
  4. Yyoga –website and schedule
  5. White Gold Yoga – website, class schedule


Ski Muscles


Whistler Ski Fitness Video

This video, by On The Snow, is an awesome pre-season workout demonstrated by world cup winning moguls skier, Heather McPhie.

It pulls 3 gym exercises from the training program of the US Ski Team, and walks through the intensity and duration of each with the aim of improving your explosive strength (and ridding you of jelly legs) – vital for powering through deep west coast snow.

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November 24, 2014


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