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VRBO Superhero in Whistler

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Over the years, I’ve read tons of marketing and Internet marketing books, newsletters… been to conferences, taken courses… but this tip is jumping out at me as a game-changer.

I’ve been pumped on the ‘LIVE LIKE A LOCAL’ idea for home owners who know Whistler Blackcomb, where to eat, what’s cool & unique about your Whistler condo or chalet rental.

This leverages that ‘LOCAL’ concept and tosses in a big serving of TRUST for every guest.

If you are a SOLID person and have a nice place to rent in Whistler, you’re golden right now… but only if you tell someone about it.

OK, enough hype. Here’s the goods from Matt Landau from Vacation Rental By Owner Marketing:

100% Free VRBO Marketing TIPEmbrace Your Superhero

IDEA: Most vacation rental owners and managers start accidentally, which means most of us leave significant careers behind. The lawyer, the teacher, the fisherman, the nurse. However, trivializing (or worse, withholding entirely) this information in our marketing means missing out on a huge opportunity to set ourselves apart and connect with future guests. Oppositely, weaving in our former lives lends an air of superheroism to our brands.

ACTION: Distill and integrate the milestones of your former life into a sentence that provides guests with a clear and memorable answer to “who’s behind all of this?”

  1. Former: Write down the three biggest achievements of your former professional life, then choose the one that makes you the most proud.
  2. Pivot: Identify the “pivot” or the reason or the moment you decided to get serious about your vacation rental business.
  3. Put these two pieces together in the form of a canned sentence (written in third person) no longer than 140 characters and add it to your website, the About Us section of your listing site, your email signatures…etc.

David is a former fashion magazine editor who realized his penthouse in Rio could change the way travelers experienced Brazil
Nikki is a proud mom of three from Texas who couldn’t find vacation rentals that were equipped for little children so she created her own

Mark is a lifelong fireman who saw in his family’s vacation home a chance to revitalize a destination and reinvent himself
Andrea was an executive at Prada when she discovered her appreciation for Italian style and luxury could become a sustainable vacation rental business

P.S. No former life is too boring. In fact, the more mundane, the better. Remember, Peter Parker was an orphaned bookish high school student (Former) when he got bit by a spider (Pivot) and now he fights crime under the name Spiderman.

Matt Landau, Founder

February 20, 2017


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