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Whistler Accommodations by ResortAc.com
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by Esa Rapaport on Whistler Accommodations by ResortAc.com
Main Source of Advertising for 19 Years

... I have been with your site for 19 years and it has been the main source of advertising for me over that time period. It has been a pleasure doing my rental business through your efforts on the internet...

Esa, it was our pleasure to offer your great rental home to our guests. Thanks for your loyal support.

Whistler Owner Reviews ScottMy experience with ResortAc.com was excellent.  During the years I owned and rented my ski condo, I renewed my membership each year because it was simply worth it… 

Many great clients rented my condo through ResortAc.com and I’m very glad I used their service.

Sorry to say that we don’t track reservations for each referral site.  However, I continued to see referrals coming in so I was happy with the service.

The thing I liked best was simply that I kept seeing ResortAc.com emails so I knew there was an active group using the site.

For advice, I would say it’s important to spend a little $$ getting professional photos done of the space with really good lighting.  Lots of good quality photos makes a big difference.  Scott


Whistler Owner Reviews Jacquie…positives are of course the amount of inquiries I get as compared to other sites. It may have something to do with size… like to see Fast rental inquiry explained or highlighted a little more. I get a lot of people who do not know how to do that and simply go to each listing to try to find availability. Am very positive on support received from ResortAc.com, on any concerns I have or questions… when I run a search each month, ResortAc.com always comes up so that is positive… I have been with ResortAc.com for as long as I have been renting properties. Always helpful, and I am always booked up season after season. Great job.  Jacquie

Thank you for your help in advertising our unit for Presidents week.  After you made the “available for Presidents week” modification on our site, we not only booked the week, but filled up the rest of the season.  THANK YOU!   …We are very happy to be listing Gables 44 with ResortAc.com.

… I will be listing my property on your site again as I have been very happy with ResortAc.com. Susan

It’s clear that many people go on to the website as I get a lot of requests. Very few specific requests. So it is being seen by a lot of people. I sort of feel that I have to advertise on it to get the exposure. AK

ResortAc.com is an excellent client source and property management tool. It is invaluable as a supplemental source of clients or as a stand alone property management tool. On the plus side you get to see the volume of enquiries so you know if people are looking… Overall I’m happy and don’t recommend any changes. Anne & Stephen

ResortAc.com has provided us with the great opportunity to follow up on the many rental enquiries that it generates. We have received many quality bookings… and are very happy that we chose to advertise on ResortAc.com KA

I have been a subscriber, renting 2 properties, since 2003. During that time 38% of my rental income and 39% of my nights rented have come from resortac.com. It has certainly contributed to my ability to rent close to 400 nights per year between the two properties. Wendy

We have been with resort Ac for 8 years and have not regretted it. We get lots of rental requests, and I think our share of rentals. Very few scams. ResortAc is a reliable website to advertise with. Customers seem to trust it, and the rental requests contain enough basic information to help us assess customers, to determine if they meet our basic rental policies (group size, smoking, pets etc). We only reply to the ones we see as a good fit. Susan

About 30% of my bookings this season have been from ResortAc.com… I have, and would continue to recomment ResortAc.com to other Whistler owners. Lagoons

Hi Troy, As an owner, I joined your site about eight months ago and am thrilled with the response I’ve been receiving. I posted one listing on your site and the other on Allura. Your ResortAc site far exceeded the requests coming in from the alternate site by ten to one. The clients have been very reliable and pleasant to deal with. Being someone new to this whole process I was pleased to see how comfortable you and the clients have made it to operate my rentals. A Happy Customer. BC

A great site with good qualified leads that easily turn into bookings. The back up support is great – suggestions are good and useable. Clients using the site seem a little higher end than other sites have offered (ie allura seemed to bring more bargain hunters which were harder to work with and difficult to get leads due to the search results – always in order of price which is not good for higher end units). I get a lot of direct inquiries from this site compared to others. Don’t feel lost in the maze of available units listed! MB

This is a simple easy way to advertise especially short term rentals. I use my place a lot and only advertise when I am away. Easy to join and maintain. Paula

Point Form: – Great Marketing – Solid Investment as we get roughly about 3-5 inquiries a day – User Friendly Website Tools to build site – Troy you have great knowledge on URL’s and how they come up with searches. WK

Hi Troy. I use your service all the time when researching rates for similar suites and referring prospective guests to accommodations options. I really think you have captured the simplicity needed in this growing internet based world. Easy for owners, property managers and prospective guests alike. Your fees are fair and your site gets results. We, at Whistler Reception Services have received a number of bookings from guests who have found our properties on ResortAc.com and will continue to use and endorse this successful means of obtaining business. Thank you for your efforts Troy, I wish you continued success. Stephanie van Hoof, Whistler Reception Services

Just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with ResortAc.com. It’s the best reservation service I’ve ever had. BM

Thanks Troy. Getting inquiries already! JC

Thanks Troy, we couldn’t have done as well without you. I have extended for a year. JS

Thanks for asking me to give your service a little more time. As a result I have just secured a one week listing! Have a great Christmas. CA

I received tons of good referrals thru ResortAc.com and will refer the site to others. DO

We posted our place for 1 night and am working through 4 bookings comprising 16 days in total. Your site is fantastic! Thank you so much for the excellent service. SC

I’ve been very happy with the results, and plan to list another property soon! PW

Your site worked great for me. JC

I think it took me 1 week to get my first booking and have had several since… thanks for providing the link between me and my happy guests! AF

Thanks to you we will all finally be busy here in Whistler. Thank you Troy for all the wonderful bookings! Sue

Thanks for the help and assistance. DC

I love how fast you respond when I have a problem. Got it fixed. Kim Thank for all of your efforts. You can count on me renewing my subscription. TC

Am I still happy with the service ResortAc.com is providing? Yes, exceedingly. All is good. BD

You’re the best! Thanks so much for your quick response. I have referred your website to a few other people. MM Thanks for all the information you have been a tremendous help for me. I am starting to get more and more hits. Thanks again. RG

I had quite a good season of renting (especially for a novice) and hope to be back next season. Thanks for all the help. RG

Your website has been great over the past 3 months- we’re really happy with the results. Thanks so much! Tammy

Your site has been very effective in helping us list our home in Cay Heights. We have had very responsible people with which we hope to continue a relationship with. DB

I have only been using your service about a month and a half and have been very impressed with the responses from ResortAc.com. I also signed up with Vrbo.com and they have not been even 1/10th as productive. JW

By the way, I have been very impressed with the results we’ve gotten from your site and the support that you have always given. 2002-2003 we got about 75% of our business off Allura and the rest off ResortChalets. This year we’ve gotten about 60-70% of our business from ResortAc.com – that figure is an estimate – it might be higher, but it isn’t lower. LM

By the way, your service has been incredibly effective. The number of responses generated through your site far exceeds those from the other sites that I am listed on. If you need any further info, please let me know. Karl

Dear Troy – what a wonderful service! Many thanks! Charles

This is a great site. We’ve had tremendous response from all over and we certainly appreciate how efficient and easy it is. We will continue to be clients for a long while to come and will definitely refer others to you. Sincerely, Cheryl

Dear Troy, I am very happy with the performance of your site. It has worked well for me so far. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Paul

So far, I’ve had one phone call and 2 email inquiries. I’m pleased with the quick results. Kerry

It is a real pleasure dealing with someone who is efficient. Melanie Its been a great winter season… Once again thanks for the service provided by Whistler Accommodation Network, it is well worth the cost. Kim

Our condo is fully booked up until the middle of April (thank you!)… We look forward to listing with your again in the Fall. Thanks! Kathy

Thanks, Troy… Again, this site has been great for us and I’ve been told how easy it is to find and navigate by guests. Jane

The response has been so good I’m pretty much booked up. I have been very happy with your site and will renew again in September. Thanks a lot!

The ad looks good Troy, Thanks. Already 7 responses the first morning… Thanks. Warren

 … Thanks. As you can see from my availability dates, I have almost booked all the winter months. Your site has been great for us! Jane

Hello. I have had my Whistler property listed on your site for the past 3 months… Most of the winter season is already booked up, largely as a result of referrals from your site. I wish to continue my listing on a long term basis… Best Regards, Mark

Your service has been great so far. 3 solid bookings in the first week. Ken

Thanks a lot… I’m amazed at the emails you’ve been forwarding already! Sincerely, Yannie

We appear to have met our quota for the coming season. Thanks again for your help and quality service… Thanks very much, Ken

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the response we have gotten by advertising our townhome on the Whistler Accommodation Network. When our current three month term runs out, we definitely want to renew. Thanks for the service you provide. Best regards, Kim

The service Troy Assaly has given me thru the use of his Internet ads have proven to be invaluable. Since the signing with his company two years ago, I’ve virtually eliminated the use of expensive newspaper ads and the unaffordable magazine ads. Nearly 100% of my business and bookings come from Whistler’s Accommodation Network. Having his company run a constant ad, frees my computer for email and other office uses. I highly recommend the consideration of using his service for your advertising needs. Sincerely, Patti

We are extremely happy with exceptional service we have received from Whistler’s Accommodation Network and are very satisfied with the results of advertising through the Accommodation Network. We are highly confident that our rental clientele will continue to grow with their help.

…Several Months Later

Just to let you guys know, we have been getting about 2 inquiries a day as a result of the posting on your site. Very Impressive indeed! Sue Chappel

Hi, we’ve had very good responses having our ad listed on Whistler’s Accommodation Network Gary

Thanks again for great service, quick responses and the venue to advertise our Whistler townhome. We intend to use your service again next year. Lynn

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